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Rich Miller

Rich is a Mighty Man of Valor. This year, he will have walked through 69 years of life with all of its obstacles and challenges to overcome. Since his new birth at age 34, Rich has chosen again and again to face life’s difficulties and the enemy’s schemes to steal from and destroy him with a firm foundation of love for and belief in God and His Word.

As the oldest in a family with four children, Rich carried more responsibilities. His family did not know or walk in the ways of the Lord. In their brokenness, Rich experienced much rejection and conflict. He was told repeatedly as a child and teenager that he would fail at anything he tried. Before he came to know Jesus, this was indeed the path of his life even to the point that he was living in his car and had it repossessed.

Once Rich came to know the Lord, he began immediately to devour God’s Word. Over the years, he has had many favorite scriptures, but the Lord has emphasized one chapter: Philippians 4. Through many trials, he would choose to Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say, rejoice! (Phi 4:4)

In the midst of the enemy’s attacks, Rich would turn to Philippians 4:6-7 determined not to lose the peace that is his inheritance as a child of God.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. (Phi 4:6-7)

For 26 years, Rich was a bi-vocational pastor serving Living Faith Church and working full-time in various grocery store chains. During this time, the Lord also brought to Rich his wife of 27 years, Joyce, who is also part of the IHOPKC staff and serves on the Overcoming Strongholds team. Rich loves to tell the story of how they met. Rich lived in Indiana while Joyce, a business woman and new believer, lived in North Carolina. They both attended leadership training for the Precept Upon Precept Bible studies in Chattanooga, Tennessee. When they were introduced at the coffee bar between the training sessions, Rich saw Joyce and heard angels singing and the words of his Father, This is the woman I have chosen for you. They married within a year and over the next 11 years had five beautiful children.

Before moving to IHOPKC in addition to pastoring, Rich and Joyce homeschooled their five children. As a family, they managed a small, goat farm which included helping to birth and bottle feed all the baby goats. All five of the Miller kids were active in 4-H winning many trophies and ribbons for their goats. The family also worked an acre-sized, garden plot, had chickens and various other animals. They learned together how to can food for the winter, make their own soap and cheese, and even incubate and hatch their own chickens.

In 2010, IHOPKC was experiencing the awakening and the Lord was calling the Miller family to move to KC. The Lord sold the rural Miller farm in a time when houses were not selling in the area. The timing was so perfect that the Millers closed on their home in Indiana the same day they signed a sales agreement on their new home in KC. God worked out so many details perfectly. In fact, Rich started his job with the local HyVee five days after their move.

In 2015, the Lord delighted Rich’s heart by releasing him into full-time ministry. Since that time, the Lord has been faithful to bring prayer and financial partners along side he and Joyce to provide for their needs. Rich absolutely loves his time in the Prayer Room praying, worshiping, and studying God’s word. Ministry with the OS team has also satisfied his pastor’s heart as he has opportunities to preach as well as minster to God’s people. Rich loves the ministry of OS because all that is done and taught has its foundation in God’s Word. With Rich’s history as an overcomer, he has much to offer. Over the most recent years, the Lord has been emphasizing to Rich the importance of our spiritual identity in Christ. This is a passion of Rich’s heart as he teaches, preaches, and ministers freedom to the body of Christ.

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User Reviews

“Seeing the lies”

Since my intensive for inner healing and deliverance, I am seeing changes in my life. I am able to see the lies the enemy uses in my life and that of others. My level of compassion for others has risen. I am able to love in a better way, judgement and criticism is decreasing. I have been able to enter into worship again. [That was not possible since Mom died a year ago]. I am more hungry for His presence, spending more time in the prayer room, studying, praying, praising, and interceding.


“Learned to fight”

I struggled with a lot of fear when I moved out here, which hindered me in many ways….. When Tim and Olga took me through deliverance it REALLY changed my life. I experienced so much freedom and learned to fight for myself and for God. Praise the Lord!


“I am overcoming”

The Tuesday night Overcoming Strongholds has helped me learn strategies to not only get free but help others. I came to these classes heavy and sad and each week I got better…I am overcoming.