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2022 Deliverance & Healing Schedule

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    User Reviews

    “Seeing the lies”

    Since my intensive for inner healing and deliverance, I am seeing changes in my life. I am able to see the lies the enemy uses in my life and that of others. My level of compassion for others has risen. I am able to love in a better way, judgement and criticism is decreasing. I have been able to enter into worship again. [That was not possible since Mom died a year ago]. I am more hungry for His presence, spending more time in the prayer room, studying, praying, praising, and interceding.


    “Learned to fight”

    I struggled with a lot of fear when I moved out here, which hindered me in many ways….. When Tim and Olga took me through deliverance it REALLY changed my life. I experienced so much freedom and learned to fight for myself and for God. Praise the Lord!


    “I am overcoming”

    The Tuesday night Overcoming Strongholds has helped me learn strategies to not only get free but help others. I came to these classes heavy and sad and each week I got better…I am overcoming.

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