Overcoming Strongholds

The ministry of Overcoming Strongholds (OS) began in January 2012 as a small group in the Erickson’s home. As God’s Spirit moved, the group expanded to minister to the increasing number of wounded and bound people seeking help. The foundation of OS was birthed through much prayer and seeking the Lord in the Global Prayer Room. It is Tim and Olga’s heart that all they do be based on God’s Word and led by His Spirit.

Overcoming Strongholds (OS) exists to partner with the Holy Spirit in restoring the revelation of the beauty of Jesus to God’s people through exposing and tearing down negative belief systems. Our goal is to equip Christians to walk out and maintain their freedom through their authority in Christ, a lifestyle of prayer, and a study and declaration of God’s Word. The primary OS ministry centers on discipling people in the areas of deliverance, healing, and revelation of Truth through the process of repentance, forgiveness, and understanding one’s identity in Christ. Even as Christians, we can have obstacles which hinder our worshipping and communing with Jesus and others. OS can help with these hindrances.

Core Values

C Compassion in the way we treat others

H Humility in the way we serve God and others
I Intercession through night and day prayer
L Lovers of Truth as we interpret and walk out God’s Word
D Dependency upon the Holy Spirit and the Name of Jesus in all we do

Overcoming Strongholds Korean

Jeong & Myung Tahk, pastors for 35 years, are the Directors of the Overcoming Strongholds Ministry to the Korean community. The Tahks came to IHOPKC in 2005 and have dedicated themselves to intercessory prayer. They have a vision to see the Korean body of Christ set free from the works of the enemy and to walk in victory in Jesus. Ministry includes deliverance, healing, and revelation of truth through repentance, forgiveness, and understanding of one’s identity in Christ.

Overcoming Strongholds Chinese

OS Chinese classes coincide with the schedule of the International House of Prayer University (IHOPU) and are structured similarly to OS Tuesdays. These classes, with translators, are specifically designed for IHOPU Chinese students. Ministry includes prophecy, deliverance, healing, revelation of truth, and the identification of lies in one’s belief system. Impartation of truth is aided through repentance, forgiveness, and understanding of one’s identity in Christ.

OS Illustration

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User Reviews

“Seeing the lies”

Since my intensive for inner healing and deliverance, I am seeing changes in my life. I am able to see the lies the enemy uses in my life and that of others. My level of compassion for others has risen. I am able to love in a better way, judgement and criticism is decreasing. I have been able to enter into worship again. [That was not possible since Mom died a year ago]. I am more hungry for His presence, spending more time in the prayer room, studying, praying, praising, and interceding.


“Learned to fight”

I struggled with a lot of fear when I moved out here, which hindered me in many ways….. When Tim and Olga took me through deliverance it REALLY changed my life. I experienced so much freedom and learned to fight for myself and for God. Praise the Lord!


“I am overcoming”

The Tuesday night Overcoming Strongholds has helped me learn strategies to not only get free but help others. I came to these classes heavy and sad and each week I got better…I am overcoming.